Network Setup and Delivery Questionnaire

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    Current IT Provider (required)
    In-house employeeOffsite HourlyManager Services ProviderNone

    What type of connection will this device be using? (required)
    USBWirelessWired Ethernet

    Is there a live connection available located near where the machine will be installed? (required)

    What type of power outlets do you have available at the location of install? (required)
    115 VAC / 15 Amp115 VAC / 20 Amp120 VAC / 20 Amp208 VAC / 20 Amp220 VAC / 20 Amp220 VAC / 30 Amp

    How will the area where the machine is to be installed be accessed? (required) StairsElevatorRampFirst floor

    If this is a replacement device, will any of the following need to be copied from the old device to the new one? (required)
    IP AddressAddress BookScan to Email SettingsN/A

    If scanning is desired, please select scanning method(s) below. Scanning can not be configured without this info. (required)
    Scan to file or folderScan to emailN/A

    If scan to email is desired, who is your email provider? (required)

    How will you be sending faxes? (required)
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    What platform are you using for digital fax from PC? (required)
    Email to faxStandalone cloud faxTraditional phone lineN/A


    1263 E New Circle Rd.
    Lexington, KY 40505
    (859) 294-3911

    1920 Nelson Miller Parkway
    Lousiville, KY
    (502) 244-1516

    3160 Parisa Dr
    Paducah, KY
    (270) 441-7345

    325 South Earl Ave
    Lafayette, IN 47904
    (765) 449-8652

    6050 Corporate Way
    Indianapolis, IN 46278
    (317) 475-9519