Managed Security Services


of small businesses have experienced a cyber attack


of Data Breaches happen to companies with less than 100 employees


of small businesses go out of business after a data breach


of all breaches were avoidable with simple cyber-hygiene practices

Securing your business is a lot like securing your home. Every layer is important and serves a specific purpose.

  • Foundation, Walls and Roof – the infrastructure containing the environment
  • Doors – used as gateways to decide who is allowed in and out
  • Door Locks – used to secure the door 
  • Video Cameras –  record all activity in the house
  • DVR – Stores all the data from the cameras for analysis
  • Motion Sensors – detects intruders’ movements
  • Safe – Keeps valuables secure that are inside of the environment 
  • Monitoring Center – A large building with a group of security specialists watching over your house 24/7/365 

Managed Security Services Layers

With over 60% of SMBs being affected by cyber attacks, you can no longer assume it won’t happen to your business. Commonwealth Technology’s team of certified and experienced security and IT engineers can develop, implement and support a cyber security solution tailored to your business using our unique layered approach. Each layer represents an area of your business that needs it’s own set of policies, procedures and solutions to effectively protect it. 

Essential Layers of Cybersecurity

Security Operations Center (SOC)

Our U.S. Based Security Operations Center is comprised of dedicated security engineers who are working around the clock to prevent, detect, assess, and respond to cybersecurity threats and incidents that your business may face.

• U.S. Based Staff
• 24 x 7 x 365 Threat Response
• 30+ Dedicated Trained Professionals
• English Speaking Team
• CISSP Certified Engineers On Staff
• DoD, FBI, and NSA Trained Threat Analysts

Security Training for your business

  • Weekly micro-trainings
  • Monthly security newsletter
  • Dark Web monitoring
  • Employee Vulnerability Assessment (EVA)
  • Phishing campaigns and testing 
  • Written policies and procedures

15 Way to Protect Your Business From a Cyber Attack!


It’s important to establish a baseline and close existing vulnerabilities.
When was your last assessment?


Secure your email. Most attacks originate in your email. We’ll help you choose a service designed to reduce spam and your exposure to attacks on your staff via email.


Apply security policies on your network. Examples: Deny or limit USB file storage access, enable enhanced password policies, set user screen timeouts, and limit user access.


Security Awareness is paramount. Train your users – often! Teach them about data security, email attacks, and your policies and procedures. We offer a web-based training solution and “done for you” security policies.


Protect your computers and data from malware, viruses, and cyber attacks with advanced endpoint security. Today’s latest technology (which replaces your outdated anti-virus solution)protects against file-less and script based threats and can even rollback a ransomware attack.


Utilize Multi-Factor Authentication whenever you can including on your network, banking websites, and even social media. It adds an additional layer of protection to ensure that even if your password does get stolen, your data stays protected.


Keep Microsoft, Adobe, and Java products updated for better security. We provide a“critical update” service via automation to protect your computers from the latest known attacks.


Knowing in real-time what passwords and accounts have been posted on the Dark Web will allow you to be proactive in preventing a data breach. We scan the Dark Web and take action to protect your business from stolen credentials that have been posted for sale.


Security Incident & Event Management uses big data engines to review all event and security logs from all covered devices to protect against advanced threats and to
meet compliance requirements.


Internet security is a race against time. Cloud based security detects web and email threats as they emerge on the internet, and blocks them on your network within
seconds – before they reach the user.


Today’s cyber criminals attempt to steal data or access your network by way of your employees’ phones and tablets. They’re counting on you to neglect this piece of the puzzle. Mobile device security closes this gap.


Turn on Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention features. Send the log files to a managed SIEM. And if your IT team doesn’t know what these things are, call us today!


Whenever possible, the goal is to encrypt files at rest, in motion (think email) and especially on mobile devices.


Backup local. Backup to the cloud. Have an offline backup for each month of the year. Test your backups often. And if your IT team hasn’t run a disaster recovery fire drill and proven that your data can be recovered quickly, call us today!


If all else fails, protect your income and business with cyber damage and recovery insurance policies. We can help reduce your premiums!

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How We Do It

Commonwealth Technology’s 75+ committed employees serve our customers from our corporate office in Lexington and four other satellite locations in Kentucky and Indiana. Commonwealth Technology is built on a foundation of integrity, respect, pride and accountability. We uphold these qualities to both our customers and employees. This has helped propel us to a position of strength within the industry because it

Ensures that customers are getting the very best service possible

Keeps our employee turn-over to a minimum

Makes for a productive work environment companywide

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