Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

The last line of defense.

 When disaster strikes your business, you’ll only have a small window of time to react. What you do during this time is critical. Your actions will determine if your business ever gets back to full operational capacity. Planning ahead by establishing a disaster recovery plan will ensure that you’ll regain all of your data with minimized downtime.

We offer Intelligent Business Continuity 

  • Cloud-based backups, stored in secure data centers
  • Constant testing of your backups for integrity and restoration success
  • Full restoration of data to your on-site devices with minimal downtime
  • Automated
  • Image-based
  • Virtualization Capabilities
  • AES 256-bit Encryption
  • Ransomware detection & prevention


Of SMBs have experienced a cyber attack


Of breaches involved internal actors


Survival rate for SMBs without a Disaster Recovery Plan

Proven Disaster Recovery Benefits

Naturally, having a disaster recovery plan in place is highly beneficial for your business. You should know that there are several more benefits that come with being prepared for the worst.

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Better Insight

Prior to the creation of a disaster recovery plan, you must have your network mapped out and all of your devices accounted for. This plan also gives you valuable knowledge of the most vital areas of your network, so you can prioritize their restoration as needed.

Improved Reputation

Having a plan in place proves that your company is prepared to handle anything. It shows that your organization cares about data redundancy and security – something that employees, clients, and investors alike will recognize, appreciate and trust.

Long-Run Cost Saving

Though not immediately apparent, having a disaster recovery plan will save your company from astronomical expenses. The cost of data recovery (coupled with lost revenue from downtime) can take your business out for good. Preparing ahead removes all need to panic.

Curt Henry

Vice President of Finance McComb Window and Door

“Commonwealth Technologies has made my job of overseeing our network much easier. I can depend on them to address the needs of our users quickly and competently. In the past, getting tech assistance to our sales people on the road or sales support employees in remote offices, was very difficult, but Commonwealth Technologies has made it simple with great help desk support. I can count on them to take ownership of a problem and bring it to a successful conclusion.”

Investing for the future.


Having a disaster recovery plan isn’t a short-term solution. You may not see the biggest benefits of it until disaster strikes. But when that time comes, you’ll be glad you invested in preparing for the unexpected. With Commonwealth Technologies creating and implementing your recovery plan, you can be sure that you’ve got industry professionals backing you up.

How We Do It

Commonwealth Technology’s 75+ committed employees serve our customers from our corporate office in Lexington and four other satellite locations in Kentucky and Indiana. Commonwealth Technology is built on a foundation of integrity, respect, pride and accountability. We uphold these qualities to both our customers and employees. This has helped propel us to a position of strength within the industry because it

Ensures that customers are getting the very best service possible

Keeps our employee turn-over to a minimum

Makes for a productive work environment companywide


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